Worldbuilding Reflection

The year is coming to an end¹ and with that so is the world design course. It’s been a fun ride and I can honestly say that I’ve learned a good deal. With that said, even though it has been my favourite class of the entire degree, it’s been really difficult juggling all the different blogs, projects and assignments so I didn’t get to dig into it as much as I wanted². I’ll probably take some time after this is all wrapped up and revisit everything that’s been covered and really spend some time looking into level design, environment art and architecture.

One of my favourite parts were the practical tutorials that covered really useful tricks that have helped me a whole lot. Not only was there handy techniques that let me block out ideas really quickly (the lego blog post comes to mind), it’s also cemented for me that environment art, technical art and worldbuilding are by far my favourite aspects of game development. That’s quite useful for me because I’ve been at a complete loss of how to approach finding work next year.

One outcome of this class that I really didn’t expect was how much I’ve learned about architecture. To be fair, the topic is still a dense jungle to me but it’s given me a few jumping off points to go and look into it more. As it turns out, it’s not as dry and boring as I used to think and becomes really fascinating going into the realm of inventing fictional architectural styles.

In regards to my own approach to worldbuilding, much has changed. I’ve moved from endlessly writing entire wikis without getting anything done to making things and trying to tie stories based on sections in those wikis into them in a meaningful way. That might not sound like much of a difference but to me that’s the difference between notes that no one will ever want to read and projects that people might actually want to engage with.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get this one to 500 words and still have time to get Buto ready for Armageddon, so I’ll take that as another lesson in scoping and preparation and sign off with that.

It’s been good. So long and thanks for the memes.

¹[terrified screaming in distance]

²Sorry about the rushed level design and a few half-assed blog posts in here

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