Basic PBR Materials in Unreal


Unreal is one beautiful beast. All the materials in this scene were generated from simple photo based diffuse textures. Let’s go through the lot.

The stucco and concrete’s albedo texture was made by bringing the original into Photoshop, colour selecting all the shadows and bumping them up a little with the levels adjustment. The normal map was made by desaturating it, running it through a high pass filter to smooth out the flat areas and then applying the new Photoshop generate normal map filter. The material itself is just a simple Albedo/Roughness/Normal setup with some modified texture tiling thrown in.

The wood floor is basically the same deal, except the normal map was softened out a bit by multiplying it by 0.5,0.5,1. Additionally, the wood’s roughness texture was sharpened a little with a CheapContrast node and broken up some by lerping the result with a bright grunge texture.

The metallic wall was made by simply using a scratchy grunge texture, upping the contrast and inverting it and plugging it into the roughness channel with a flat base colour and a metal value of 1.

Finally, the lights were made with an IES texture applied to point lights nested inside default sphere with a material that has a flat white base colour and emissive multiplied by 8 which is set inside a fast glass material with fresnel refraction. Add post processing, done.


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